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List of Past Presidents


1935 - 1950 Major Gwiliam Lloyd George M.P.

1951 J. H. Price Tenby

1952 G. E. D. Owen Haverfordwest

1953 H. T. Sloggett Pembroke Dock

1954 J. P. Caisley Milford Haven

1955 R. Diment Tenby

1956 J. I. Nicholas Haverfordwest

1957 B. G. Howells Pembroke Dock

1958W. H. Young Milford Haven

1959 C. G. Jeans Tenby

1960 I. T. Davies Haverfordwest

1961 J. E. James Pembroke Dock

1962 R. Yolland Milford Haven

1963W. F. Jones Tenby

1964 T. Allen Haverfordwest

1965 J. Sudbury Pembroke Dock

1966 R. Clarke Milford Haven

1967 A. Adams Tenby

1968 G. V.Williams Haverfordwest

1969 T. V. Poole Saundersfoot

1970 J. Adams Milford Haven

1971 C. Scourfield Tenby

1972 C. Jones Haverfordwest

1973 D. John Saundersfoot

1974 L. H. Mandry Pembroke Dock

1975 W.D. Setterfield MilfordHaven

1976 M. Mulligan Tenby

1977 I. G. Evans Haverfordwest

1978 T. Osborne Saundersfoot

1979 L. H. Davies Pembroke Dock

1980 R. Kingston Milford Haven

1981W. T. Lloyd-Jones Tenby

1982 H. Dickinson Fishd & Goodwick

1983 J. P. James Haverfordwest

1984 T. G. Stickings Saundersfoot

1985 T. R. Bastin Pembroke Dock

1986 R. Kingston Milford Haven

1987 G. D. Griffiths Tenby

1988 A. H. Lamb Pendine

1989W. E. Collins Fishguard

1990 E. G. Chugg Haverfordwest

1991 J. Badham Saundersfoot

1992 R. Lawrence Pembroke Dock

1993 D. Joyce Milford Haven

1994 B Barnikel Tenby

1995 D. Fiddy Whitland

1996 J. Lloyd Pendine

1997 K. Grace Fishguard

1998 D Summers Haverfordwest

1999 J. Dugmore Saundersfoot

2000 G. E. Thomas Pembroke Dock

2001 W. A. Jones Milford Haven

2002 T.E.B. Owens Tenby

2003 C.Wynn Whitland

2004 A.Edwards Pendine

2005 E. Didcote Fishgd & Goodwick

2006 R. A. Evans Neyland B. C.

2007 J. M. Jones Haverfordwest B. C.

2008 D. Poole Saundersfoot B. C.

2009 A. Jarvis Pembroke Dock B. C.

2010 B. Howells Milford Haven B.C.

2011 J. Baggott Tenby B.C.

2012 C.Wynn Whitland B.C.

2013 R. Gosnold Pendine B.C.

2014 A. Newbery Fishguard & Goodwick

2015 R O'Leary Haverfordwest BC

2016 P Blayney Saundersfoot BC

2017 R Hissey Pembroke Dock BC

2018 J Thomas Milford Haven BC




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